Inflatable sculpture, “Urban Ambient”. Insert of events, organized by Meta Cultural Foundation, during the Sibiu – European Cultural Capital 2007

The Balloon People are plastic-made objects meant to escape from the conventional exhibition room, to invade the urban space, to interact, provoke and generate different reactions. Balloon People, are coloured spheres with small anthropomorphic intrusions, impose themselves in a tonic -visual way and create beauty. Dozens of this kind of balloon people filled the streets of Sibiu. They accompanied the visiting crowed, being ready to be carried away from one place to another or just simply lie on the street. The intention is to play with „meditation bubbles”, „hyperbula in spherical thought”, generating spontaneity, immediate reaction, and interactivity in an instinctive way. The new created species of people made of plastic are acting as triggers of tension-relief, creating conditions of immersion in imagination and escaping of rules.