2011. NoName

Performance./ Video. Ready made objects – mannequin heads with rotating mechanism 360° – man and woman. A project about people communicating.

NoName(s). Group analysis.

Culture, structure and group coalition establish the floating relations that increase the opportunities of interacting and diffusion. The incapacity to attach to the meaning of feelings and value does not (re)produce anymore the group cohesion or the social conflict. From this atomistic perspective of the observers, the increased behavior of the people is already a growing phenomenon, which will be examined in detail both by women and men. A detailed analysis of the body hollows can only bring benefits for the group, having as immediate results the baby boom effect and returning to the origins. Once the group is reinstated, it will not be just a simple web of roles and codes; it will be abstract beings that live only through interacting, lullaby-singers capable to find the square root of the unexplained variation.