2017. AGUB character with hands

H 264 / 1920 x 1080 / 23,976 fps / 3: 27 / 2017
artist Alina Buga
editor Daniel Mihail Constantinescu

AGUB is providing a character, cosmeticized and delivered as packadge with the whole prestige of contemporaneity. This is like a cliché – showing as stateless, asexuated, apolitical and even an atheist.

AGUB is a self-portrait on the reverse – built in the light of topical stereotypes – betrayed at the same time by the insecurity of interpreting the role simulated in the required odds or standards.

Fixed camera – A scene shot in four and a half acts, worked in an austere setting, with five chairs and a character divided into four. The character recurs problematic states in the standard formula of the contemporary individual. Each act is distinguished by the succession of divisions of the same character, sitting on chosen chairs depending on the replies.

Problematic states. That Someone – The omnipresence – The last avatar

Interrogation is deliberately built around someone, which is important enough for the boomerang blow in the two distinct camps. That Someone – generally amateur – is particularly concerned about the first issue of Agub in the video. The action on several planes leads to the same One, imagined as an emperor of the momentary social tics.

My Emperor is a great present * – Someone, problem solver, manager. He appears as a partisan of a loan revolution and is often met with different identities, a simulacrum of benevolence for the profitability of both parties.

If I were to revisit the Seats in a piece adjusted by the master himself at the time, I think I would witness an interpretation in two scenes worked separately – one for her and the other for him but simulating the game together, on the same island and with the same imaginary guests, in the same manner as the first time. In this case, the play should be played in three hours, instead of one and a half, and without a break.

* The Great Absent – The Chairs, 1952 Eugen Ionescu * The Paradoxist. G. Pruteanu – essay from Chronicle no. 47, 20 Nov 1971 >> F. Dostoevski / Dedublatul, 1846. * Dancing Dwarf >> Twin Peaks (1990-91), D. Lynch & M. Frost. * Doctor, Wife and Dwarf – Twin Peaks (2017) D. Lynch & M. Frost.

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