Experiments with different media: installation, drawing, sculpture, performance, video, photography and digital.

Interests. Investigation of the relationship of art with the public space, by starting a dialogue between people and unconventional artistic forms, such as gesture, attitude, contextual art, environment interventions – Balloon People, The project. Artistic interventions that can reshape a public square, a street, a city wall which fit into an active / inactive space in a fluidic way, participating spontaneously to every day life. Performance / Photography Eco killers tonight – while active in the Rostopasca group- and videos Toxicomania – have made each altered feeling to present itself and degenerate from it’s nature due to reviewing and defiantly placing in the front of the viewer. Usage of fragments of mass communication components in order to find gestures, pieces to reclaim, aiming to reshape, re-empower them, to create a world similar to reality.

Member of Urma group (1995 – 1997)

Member of Rostopasca group (1998 – 2001)

Co-founder and project coordinator @ Alert Studio (2009 – )