She is part of a generation of artists, which feels, elucidates, and builds its identity in consonance with the phenomenon of contemporary and visual culture from everywhere, free from constraints or regional stereotypes. Her expression so far is defined by a constant experi- mental attitude. Her creative initiatives, sustained by a component and conceptual manifest, rumours the visual specificity of the environments, sometimes cumulative, assimilated by the contemporary expressive spectrum. The physical transposition of the idea (dimensional image or multi/inter-media – potentiated sometimes by the sculptor) comments – playful, seri- ous, ironic, critically – the impact / the extension in the artistic otherness of the political, social circumstances, or the immediate context. The Remake landmark becomes the support of the personal reply, from a new point of view, to various clichés, or esthetical-artistic programs of international circulations, including a conceptual feminist shade. The expressive mobility, the affinities in the idea communication registry and the cultural horizon are favourable to the connexion with the dynamics and the provocative potential of the Rostopasca group.

Text -PhD Elena Mihut for A Century of Romanian Sculpture Online encyclopedia.

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Viennafair: 228 minutes overstimulation By Katja Lehner on October 9, 2014


This year sponsored by OMV priority country Romania falls among other things, with the art scene, although typical, the average visitor but unconventional appearing artifacts on: The focus of the article Alert Studio from Bucharest is a small, golden dustbin. In the immediate vicinity of a watering can and a black flower pot with the words Bad Seeds be admired. The often socially critical motives of artists go with all the fascination with the provision for displaying simple objects and household appliances almost. The tags acquisition and adaptation are considered the most significant existential attitudes of the Romanian cultural history of recent years.