Rostopasca was a group of young Romanian artists: Floe Tudor, Nicolae Comanescu, Alina Pentac, Mona Vatamanu, Alina Buga, Angela Bontas and Gorzo, active between 1998-2001.

Both funny and stressing, they hit up Bucharest boring art scene with spontaneous, surprising, even shocking interventions. They made all the time jokes and little scandals (as intelligent strategy).

No national specific stuff in their works, as they were the first Romanian generation to have no real connection with the ancient communist regime, the first to live since their teen age with mobile phones, computers, walkmans and MTV.

Dealing with hard-edged problems of contemporary life (not strongly polemical as the previous generation – Perjovschi or subREAL- used to be) but derisive in a most nonchalant way, they playfully deconstructed everything, humorously contesting everything, assuming underground subversive roles. Text, Ruxandra Balaci – critic, curator −−− [+]